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In FAEDREAM, you and your friends will play as mysterious and often capricious fae folk who influence the dreams of mortals. You serve as the font of inspiration for humanity, providing them with the imagination they need to create art and stories, to avoid becoming stagnant and complacent in their lives.

FAEDREAM is a storytelling game inspired by The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, as well as art interpretation board games like Dixit and Mysterium.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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the way you use Dixit/Mysterium cards is a really cool way

i guess, if i play your game, i'll just change one thing: the title "winner" would be replaced with something like "chosen dream-storyteller of this night". Maybe also the game will finish with a new turn. A sort of collective dream, where all players should create the Final Dream/story (similar to exquisite cadaver, or to Aye Dark Overlord-but with good intention)

I think it stays in the mind of your game, but it could gave new options which would be better for some specific players who prefer a collective narration and a "Final scene"

thanks for your game :)