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The Thousand Moons is a fragmented region in the furthest reaches of outer space. The name is misleading — there are perhaps hundreds of thousands of Moons here, maybe millions, each one tiny and unique. A perpetual gravity storm rages around this astral archipelago, making entry into the Thousand Moons — or exit from them — quite difficult.

No Moon in the Thousand Moons is bigger than a speck of dust, in the scheme of things. Each one can accommodate only a few people for any length of time, so the few beings — humans and aliens alike — who eke out their livings here tend towards transiency. The Thousand Moons are safe, and they are quiet, though they are far from perfect.

You are a Seneschal of the Thousand Moons. You have been tasked with the care and protection of the Moons — as many as you may visit in what time you have. You stay around two weeks on each Moon you visit, to learn and explore and solve any problems you may encounter. No two Moons are the same, flung here in pieces from disparate galaxies, so there is a great deal to learn and explore.

All Seneschals keep journals, and often leave them behind as a gift to future Seneschals who may arrive on the same Moon. It is exceedingly rare to meet another Seneschal face-to-face — there are so few of you and space is so large — but there is a vast network of you, connected across time and space only by each other’s journals. 


This is a storytelling game, where you will write the journal of a Seneschal on a new Moon, using randomized word prompts, like Magnetic Poetry, a commercially available set of poetic words printed on refrigerator magnets.


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